Rod Andersen

Rod has a unique ability to provide the right advice in the right way. Rod Andersen imageHe is generally known as a pragmatist and at times a provocateur, but always as someone with constructive intent and significant insight. As a result, his clients have grown personally and professionally and now possess deeper self-awareness, awareness of their impact on others, and improved strategies to adapt their attitudes and behaviours to deliver better outcomes for their businesses.

Rod also works with dysfunctional senior leadership and executive teams to dramatically improve their effectiveness. Through increased self-awareness, he leads them towards greater openness, collaboration and cohesion; ultimately creating shared accountability and a sense of common purpose.

Rod is the professional’s tactician, providing feedback, insights, observations, information, candor and, when required, the skills to enable leaders to make the right decisions for themselves, their teams, their stakeholders and their organisations.

When not working, Rod enjoys life by the ocean on the Central Coast. He is an ex- professional soccer player and passionate yachtsman, who has completed four Sydney to Hobart races. These days he prefers to watch the action and focus his tactician’s skills on helping his clients.

“Rod presented with ease and professionalism the art of pitching a business idea to a group of entrepreneurs, and it was an absolute success. Rod has a lot of experience to share, and his knowledge seems without boundaries. Mostly based on practice and feedback, Rod has a lot of original ideas to turn an okay presentation into a successful compelling pitch. I have learnt more in a day than in years of “presentation training” at Business Schools. Thank you”.

Senior Professional, Startup Incubator