At TACTICIAN we offer the following services

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Great leaders have the ability to relate to their teams, build respect, inspire and support people’s growth and development AND deliver business results.

At TACTICIAN we focus on simplifying traditional leadership interactions. We give leaders communication skills and pragmatic tools with which to apply them.

Business Developers

Successful business developers use persuasive skills and tactics to communicate a compelling case for their product or service. They know how important it is to have a deep understanding of their clients and to build strong relationships, enabling them to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes.

At TACTICIAN we help professionals develop a vivid value proposition and the ability to tailor that proposition to any client’s needs. We provide pragmatic tools that help plan for client interactions and develop skills in persuasive tactics to ensure that those tools are applied successfully.


Most start-ups and entrepreneurs have identified a clear need in the market. They have developed a product or service that uniquely meets that need and a business model that promises profitability. Where they often fall down is in the way they engage and influence their key stakeholders, particularly those from whom they seek funding and support.

At TACTICIAN we work with entrepreneurs to provide them with the persuasive communication tactics and skills. We enable them to successfully move through the cycle of key interactions involved in getting their product funded, and later, to market.