My Personal Tactician: On-demand Coaching

Sometimes it's lonely at the top. Having an experienced confidante who you can call on for advice when you're struggling is invaluable.

My Personal Tactician, our unique membership-based program, gives you just that. You’ll be allocated your very own Tactician, matched carefully to your needs, and you can call them whenever you need to!

It may be a quick 15-minute call to talk through an idea, or to download a challenging day. Or it could be a longer session to work through a more complex issue or prepare for a big meeting. You choose the length of the session and a time that suits you.

A lot of our Tacticians are even happy to make themselves available after hours.

My Personal Tactician members have the flexibility to use their allocated TTU (Tactician Time Units) however they like – starting with a 15-minute conversation. Members know that their Tactician will respond to requests for support as soon as possible, but always within six hours.

We’ll remind you of how much of your Tactician’s time you’ve used each month and how much you have left, so you don’t forget to take advantage of all that on-tap support that we can provide for you.

Our Tacticians are people we know and trust. They come from a range of backgrounds but share two key characteristics - they are experts in their field and they don't take themselves too seriously. They've all worked across multiple industries and, in many cases, multiple countries.

Gutsy Coaching

Professional guidance, when you need it.

Back in the day, having a coach was a sure sign that you are about to be let go. Now, if you have a coach you are an asset and your business want to invest in you.

The business need for coaching is unquestioned, but the challenge is finding the right coach and finding the time.

Some of our clients want coaching to help with an immediate challenge, some want regular, scheduled sessions focused on goal-based professional development, whilst many have told us they'd like the flexibility to have a coach 'on call' to talk to in the moment.

Our approach to coaching is slightly different. We call our coaches "Tacticians" and our Tacticians provide 'guidance'. Guidance is a blend of traditional coaching, mentoring, advising and sharing of experience. We believe this approach is the most effective way to facilitate long-term change, whilst getting fast results.

Our aim is to give you the choice of when and how you receive guidance and of a Tactician that matches your style and goals.

Virtual Coaching

Tactician pioneered virtual coaching many years ago and we have significant domestic and international experience. We didn't need to pivot our coaching approach in 2020 - we just enhanced it.

Gutsy Coaching

Why do people want coaching?

Our experience has shown that there are a whole range of reasons why people seek out coaching:

  • Preparation to develop and deliver an important presentation or pitch
  • Preparing and rehearsing for a challenging performance review.
  • Planning and executing tactics to influence key stakeholders
  • Developing a career plan
  • Building a personal brand
  • Support in getting up to speed with a new role
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Help planning, managing and leading change
  • Managing personal and professional priorities

Executive and Leadership Coaching Packages

Whatever you’re frustrated about professionally, let us help you make your threat a reality! We’ll work with you to identify what you want to change and build a plan to make it happen. We’ll support you while you’re doing it, and next year you’ll be saying “Wow, I’m glad I did that, this year really HAS been different".

We have a tonne of resources to support our coachees:

  • Hogan Assessment Insight
  • Fear Factors Assessment
  • GUTS planner
  • Coaching to identify what you want to change
  • Building plan to change
  • Support while making changes
  Benefits Guidance hours Session Frequency

Immediate Guidance

Need a coach to address a specific problem or capitalise on an opportunity? Immediate Guidance is for you.

  • Digital communications
  • Problem or opportunity focused
  • Outcome focused
  • RRP for diagnostics
3 hoursWe recommend an initial 1.5hr session and the remainder taken as suits

Scheduled Guidance

Need support in achieving a longer-term development goal? Scheduled Guidance is the answer.

  • Goal focused
  • Regular, scheduled sessions
  • Session summaries provided
  • Digital communications
  • Fear Factor Assessment
  • Wellbeing Benchmark, based on our highly successful Gutsy Self program
  • 5% discount on third party diagnostics
10 hoursFortnight or monthly sessions. Minimum of 1hr per session

Help! My Team is a Mess

Teams are tricky things.  Made up of lots of people, with different personalities and skills, they don’t always run like clockwork.  If you’re a leader who’s frustrated with your team, if you’re stuck on how to get them to work cohesively and deliver the results your business needs, then this is the program for you.  Based on our highly successful “Executive Team Intervention” this package combines group and individual coaching, with diagnostics and exercises that help your team not just understand their differences but appreciate and value them.


  • LSI for all the team and leader
  • Individual LSI debriefs
  • Team LSI debrief
  • Team one-to-one discussion tool
  • Gutsy Culture program for team

I'd Rather Die than Speak on Stage

While some of us like nothing more than holding forth on a stage, there are those that would rather stick pins in their eyes than speak publicly.  If you fall into the latter category, this program’s for you.  We can help you not only get over your fear, but become a speaker who people really want to listen to.  By the end of your time working with us, you’ll be itching to get in front of people and deliver whatever message matters to you, in a way that will engage your audience.,


  • Fear Factors Assessment and GUTS planning
  • Presentation simulations, digital capture and feedback
  • Gutsy Presenting – eLearning
  • Dress rehearsal presentations

"The difference in the way I approached my work after a handful of sessions with my Tactician is a credit to his skills and insight."

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