“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

John Wooden

No matter how tailored our group coaching sessions are, they can never meet the unique needs of each individual participant. Our one-on-one coaching sessions provide a structured yet unique environment that enables us to address personal development needs more directly.

Our coaching approach is a little different. We believe that a coach’s job is also to mentor, advise and inspire; to be a confidante, sounding board and teacher; and, sometimes to give some ‘tough love’.

Coaching sessions can be a one-off to address a particular issue or part of long-term development plan. Clients also often choose to provide our one-on-one coaching as part of a broader group coaching program.

Clients also often choose to provide our one-on-one coaching as part of a broader group coaching program, or use one of the programs below to address a specific issue:

Leadership Team Intervention

Are you constantly frustrated by the way your select group of direct reports fail to collaborate, talk about the things that matter and deliver what is expected of them?

TACTICIAN provides the catalyst to uncover issues that are preventing teams from performing as effectively as they could. Through the use of diagnostics, one-on-one and team coaching, we work with the group to address the issues that are holding them back, create a constructive team dynamic and improve performance.

First 90 Days

The most critical time for a leader is the first three months in any role. Trying to balance the desire to make an immediate impact with the time it takes to learn the business and establish credibility, while continuing to focus on the strategic agenda can be challenging, both personally and professionally.

TACTICIAN’s ‘First 90 Days’ provides leaders in new roles with support during this challenging time, providing guidance and counsel to ensure focus and energy is directed appropriately and balancing impact with achievement.

Start-up Coaching

Taking a great idea to market is both exciting and challenging. From concept to prototype, to the realisation of a new business, each part of this process requires a different skillset. New entrepreneurs rarely have all the skills needed to successfully commercialise their idea.

At TACTICIAN we work with entrepreneurs, helping them develop their communication, pitching, networking and influencing skills through our Start-up Coaching program. We help them move from a great idea to a great business.

”The difference in the way I approached my work after a handful of sessions with my Tactician coach is a credit to his skills and insight. Using a masterful combination of strength evaluators and deep questioning, he helped me learn how to appreciate and leverage the strengths I already had, but was yet to capitalise on. That deeper understanding of my ability changed the way I viewed my position and my ability to positively influence those around me. My team, my manager and the company I work for all benefitted from this positive shift – and I learned how to harness and exploit my existing skills and abilities to their full potential“.

Senior Leader, Publishing Industry

”I was introduced to Tactician at a time when I was considering leaving a job that I absolutely loved. A new management team was created which brought with it a new culture – one that was quite different from the culture I was used to. Most of my colleagues moved on, but I was determined to fight on for the love of the job. Unfortunately my personal satisfaction waivered and I needed help. Tactician were able to impart their tools and techniques from years of experience in executive coaching to help me. After several sessions across the year, Tactician gave me the confidence I needed to stay with the team and continue kicking goals for the organisation“.

Senior Leader, Energy Industry