Because it takes guts to get stuff done…

TACTICIAN’s gutsy guidance and practical solutions help leaders and influencers stand out and deliver outcomes!

Why gutsy?

It’s been said that 80% of success comes down to psychology. We have big ideas and bold aspirations and then we allow our fears get the better of us, so we shrink.

We claim we’re too busy to put in the effort we need or seek the help required. But honestly, that’s your fear wrapped up in a socially acceptable package.

Yes, fear can inhibit but it can also become incredible motivation. So, let’s stop making fear the bad guy and your dirty little secret. We all think we’re not good enough. We’re all wondering when we’re going to be found out.

We need a proverbial slap in the face, someone to tell us to suck it up and give us practical guidance and tactics on how to get the job done.

Do you have the guts?

Want to start getting stuff done?

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I am always one to be a little nervous and hesitant from that coming into situations and workshops where I have to open up and expose myself. Even if was still a little shaken from pushing myself, I felt so much better off for facing that fear and a lot more confident in myself, not just pitching.

Senior Manager, FDC

Signature programs that take guts

Gutsy Influencing

Suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to be walked all over and deliver nothing. Practical skills to get your message across clearly, persuasively and constructively, negotiate with the best of them and come to mutually beneficial agreements.

Gutsy Presenting

For the high-stakes communicators, who needs to creatively and persuasively pitch or present. The guidance will begin from your very first introduction and you’ll leave a different presenter than you came. Guaranteed.

Even Gutsier Presenting

Building on from where Gutsy Presenting left off, we’ll focus on the art of stagecraft and the use of emotion to lift your presentations from effective to inspirational. Walk away with the ability to take charge of and positively influence your audience.

Gutsy Leadership

Not your average leadership program. Designed for those who really want to be courageous, to create great teams and enviable cultures. This gets to the guts of leadership and tackles the areas most leaders struggle with and often avoid.

Choose how your people learn.

You know your people and what works best for your business. All our programs can be completely customised to suit your needs.

Speak to us for more more details and our full range of programs.

Rod’s mastery of the art of presenting was evident both in the delivery of the workshop and tactful tutelage of participants

Senior Leader, Queensland Government

Executive Team Intervention

A program, sought after by board members, CEOs and executives for its ability to quickly create a powerful and cohesive executive team.

This premium program is delivered by our senior Tactician team whose decades of experience allow them to command the respect of the group and tactfully deliver insight and challenge.

I found it both challenging in terms in looking within yourself and how I communicate (the video doesn’t lie) and rewarding in terms of my learnings.

Senior Project Manager, Queensland Government


Honest Guidance. Practical Solutions. Simple Tactics

TACTICIAN specialise in helping you execute strategy. From delivering one-on-one guidance to building the skills that leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and business developers need – we help you to get stuff done!

How do we get results? We’re known for the way we turn our decades of experience into something simple and practical.

But most of all it’s our honest and direct guidance. It’s what we’re known and respected for and it’s the basis of all we do. It challenges you and if you’ve got the guts, it’s the catalyst for lasting change.

All of our Tacticians are well practised in delivering guidance.

Find out about our team of Tacticians here

I just wanted to share how much of an impact the program had on me. It really was probably the most impressionable professional development course I have done, and I have your techniques constantly on my mind

Senior Manager, Queensland Government

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I had the pleasure of engaging in a coaching relationship over the past 12 months and cannot speak highly enough of the experience. The sessions were candid and direct whilst at the same time afforded the opportunity to be self-reflective, my Tactician’s style challenges you in a positive and constructive manner.

Client Manager, Professional Services

My Personal Tactician

Designed to complement each of our TACTICIAN programs and provide ongoing guidance, when it’s needed. Guidance takes place over the phone, so you can get more immediate, quality development and quickly get back to getting stuff done.

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