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For a long time we've been frustrated by the way traditional 'human resources' is seen so negatively. People really ARE our greatest asset - cliched as that sounds.

There’s so much research to back that up – happy people, do good work, and create happy customers, which create more profitable businesses (ok, researchers from places like Harvard wrote about the Employee-Customer Value chain much more eloquently, but that’s the guts of it)

But we get that the HR function don’t always align with the business quite the way you’d like them to.  Our goal is to change that, by providing HR services, without the fluff.

At Tactician we’re known for our pragmatic, practical development programs that really change behaviours and get fast results.

It's this attitude that we want to bring to all things HR.


Our HR consulting services provide pragmatic, down to earth solutions to your people challenges:

  • Know you need a performance management system, but scared it’ll just be another clunky process that frustrates people rather than helping your business succeed? We can help.
  • Know you need some sort of people strategy, but afraid it’ll introduce a heap of unnecessary fluff rather than supporting your business strategy? We can help.
  • Frustrated that the people you hire just aren’t the right fit and keep leaving (or being ‘encouraged’ to leave)? We can help.
  • Want to create some values for your business that REALLY change the way people behave (rather than just being nice posters in the lunch room)? We can help.
  • Heard of this thing called ‘engagement, but don’t get why it’s more than just an employee survey – or why you should care? We can help.

We could go on, but you get the gist.  Whatever ‘people stuff’ you’re struggling with, we can help.  Give us a call for a no obligation chat – we’ll be happy to suggest anything we think will help you (and we won’t even charge for those initial pearls of wisdom!)


MPT HR:  using the same model as our trademark ‘in the moment’ guidance, My Personal Tactician, MPT HR provides businesses who don’t have HR with a way of getting quick, pragmatic people advice.

If you think you could do with some HR support, but don’t have enough people for a full time resource, we can fill that gap for you.

From being a sounding board when you’ve got a challenging employee, to supporting you through recruitment for critical roles or helping you manage your annual review process, whatever your day to day HR need, MPT HR can fill that gap.

How it works:

You pay a monthly subscription which gives you access to a certain number of hours support each month. You get allocated a Tactician HR expert, who will work with your business so they get to know you and your people.  When you need them, you just call – they’ll get back to you within a maximum of 6 hours, but usually much sooner.

If you’d like to know more about MPT HR, contact us and we’ll get one of our team to give you a call to learn more about your needs.  No obligation.

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