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Tactician started over 10 years ago. Our goal has always been to do the people stuff differently – training that gives people skills they can put into practice straight away; HR that takes into account that you have a business to run; coaching that’s there when you need it – that sort of thing.

The name ‘Tactician’ came from the yacht racing world – the tactician on a yacht is right by the skipper‘s side, advising on the tactics needed to win the race. They help the skipper successfully execute the long-term race strategy – we reckoned lots of people in business could do with their own tactician.

Over the years, we’ve become known and respected for our honest and direct guidance and our pragmatic approach. They’re the basis of all we do. We challenge you, but if you’ve got the guts, working with us is the catalyst for lasting change.

Finally, we should probably mention the animals.  We often get asked, “what’s with the animals?”. There are lots of answers (it’s a long story), but let’s just say they’re quirky, a bit different, and very engaging. Like us.

All of our Tacticians are business people themselves – they’ve run their own businesses and been leaders in large organisations – so they really understand the challenges our clients face.


Our Directors

Having worked for over 20 years in the industry, Luke is an experienced HR/L&D professional with a passionate interest for learning and he now leads the Tactician team. Read more...
With a corporate background in administration and HR roles spanning two decades, Nicole works behind the scenes to support the Tactician team in delivering our programs.
Throughout her career, Emma has made her mark on almost every role within the HR function and worked as a consultant across multiple industries. Now enjoying life in NZ, Emma adds value from the sidelines.

Meet our team

A highly motivated, accredited and experienced Human Resources and Learning & Development professional, Jen brings energy, honesty and fun when delivering our programs in sunny QLD.
With over 15 years’ experience in organisational design, development and culture, Julie is passionate about supporting our clients to achieve sustainable organisational & cultural change.
Harnessing her experience in senior roles and a top tier legal background, Madeleine helps smart, successful but stressed out people find focus, perspective and success - without sacrificing anything that matters.

Always in our hearts

Our late co-founder (husband to Emma and dear friend to all of us), became renowned for the breadth of his expertise in culture leadership and communication. Rod had a particular passion for others to be gutsy, and his remarkable legacy lives on in the Tactician programs we deliver, the foundation in which we coach our clients, and the no-BS approach that we apply to everything we do. Rod passed away in January 2023, and we miss him. We think he deserves a special mention here, because Tactician was his heart and soul, and we honour him in what we do every day.

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