Want more time to lead?

It’s the time of year that people reflect on the year that’s passed and renew their focus for the year ahead – be it at work or in life.

Leadership is a huge responsibility, so no doubt it has been on your mind. One common theme we’ve heard from our Members lately is that they’re simply too busy to lead effectively. Does it resonate?

If so, we’d like to pose a challenge to you for February. Find an hour every day to invest in important and not yet urgent leadership activity. Within that hour, set a priority to build more professional intimacy© (PI) with your team.

To guide you in making this happen, read the following articles:
How to find an extra hour a day
10 ways to inspire your team

Now for the real challenge… do this WITHOUT adding an hour to your day! I look forward to discussing your success with this challenge on our next call.

2017 is not going to be easier than the last unless we take it on with new perspective. Contact us now to set up your next session and discuss the challenge of 2017.

On behalf of our team at My Personal Tactician, have a great start to the year.

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