Gutsy businesses put their best foot forward

Gutsy businesses put their best foot forward

And sometimes that best foot isn’t even your own

Can you believe we’re hurtling towards the end of May?

It’s also hard to believe we’re into year three of the pandemic. It seems like only yesterday we were all thinking this coronavirus was just some kind of bump in the global road and all would be well by Spring.

Not to mention, we’re only days away from election day and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has, after months of speculation, officially raised interest rates for the first time since November 2010. On top of all that, we’ve just been told our cost of living has shot up to 5.1 percent.

And just as the world has changed, Tactician has changed with it.

Things are still tough

Businesses are still struggling with staff shortages, supply chain issues and in some sectors, a business environment that’s moved on from full time office work.

And Tactician hasn’t been immune. Just like you, we’ve had to sit down, take stock and adapt our own business model.

While it’s true, Tactician is well known for doing things differently, helping leaders embrace new ways of doing things to move their businesses into the future, we’ve gone and done something a bit old school.
We’ve gone back to basics and hired a copywriter. That’s right. Someone who loves writing and is good at putting together all the words to make us look good.


To let us get on with what we love doing – challenging gutsy people to be a catalyst for change.

Meet the newest Tactician team member

Our new copywriter, Sue-Ellen, planned to write an article about how amazing it is to hire a copywriter. How working with her would allow us the time to do what we love best, which is providing gutsy people solutions to help your business succeed.

However, as any good writer will tell you… show, don’t tell.

So let’s take a look at just a few of the ways Tactician are moving into the future.

Business has changed and there’s no going back

The way we do business has changed. People who’ve been successfully working from home for the last two years aren’t keen on coming back into the office. They don’t miss the long commutes, the childcare hassles or having to plan their lunches in advance. Many enjoy the one minute commute, the pyjamas all day (unless there’s a Zoom meeting) and the chance to spend their lunch hour getting in their steps rather than waiting to use the dodgy office microwave.

This presents challenges for leaders who need to adapt fast.

While much is being made of The Great Resignation, the belief millions of burnt out Australian workers would resign or change jobs, we’re thinking about this a little differently.

Which is exactly what we do here at Tactician. Think differently.

There’s no denying the changing job market is impacting many sectors, however, this Fortune article sums it up a little better:

A better description of this phenomenon would be a “Great Rethink” in which we are all rethinking our relationship to work and how it fits into our lives.’

Much more apt, don’t you think?

Hybrid work

The new focus on a hybrid working model isn’t just a bunch of Millennials or Gen Z stomping their collective feet and throwing a tanty. The desire to work towards a true work/life balance, long lauded but seldom executed by big business, has been a dream for many, if not most, workers.

In fact, when the Microsoft Corp announced the findings of their first annual Work Trend Index, a report titled The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work – Are We Ready? in March 2021, they urged ‘businesses to recognize that work is no longer bound to traditional notions of time and space when it comes to how, when, and where we work’.

Rosalind Quek, General Manager, Modern Workplace, Microsoft Asia noted:

‘The world is on the brink of a disruption as great as last year’s sudden shift to remote work: the move to hybrid — a blended model where some employees return to the workplace and others continue to work from home. Adapting to this new hybrid model will require rethinking of long-held assumptions.’

How can leaders adapt to this new business normal?

Even though the world has altered, there’s a lot to be said for solid, steady, back to basics leadership.

If you’re insisting on everyone returning to the office – why? Is it for genuine business related reasons or is this just the way we’ve always done things?

Work with your teams, not against them – is remote or hybrid working a genuine, long term option?

Give them what they want – Some people will fall over themselves to get back into the office, while others are content (and more productive) working from home. As that cute taco ad on the telly says, why not have both?

Do you know what your teams want (and why?) – Or are you just making assumptions based on anecdotal or out dated evidence?

Let Tactician help – do our workshops. Get 1:1 coaching. Use our HR services. We’re ready to help you build the skills to be a gutsy leader and communicator. Which is exactly what the world and business needs right now.

We know you’re busy

We know you’re busy so you’ll be delighted to know we don’t do faff and we don’t do filler.

We do flexibility and resilience.

And we do it very well.

The truth is, Tactician pioneered virtual coaching many years ago. We’ve got loads of local and international experience and we didn’t have to change our coaching approach during the pandemic. We just enhanced what was already there.

As we move into a brave new world, whatever type of gutsy you are, or whatever type of gutsy you want your leaders to be, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to work with you.

Because sometimes putting your best foot forward and being gutsy is asking for help. And if this is you, book a free 30-minute video call with our Director, Luke Johnson, so we can help you and your business move confidently into the future.

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