Wake up leaders! The ‘A-team’ doesn’t exist

So many leaders talk about how they could be so much more effective if only they had the right people in their team.  The search for the ‘A-team’ is real.

But, newsflash, the ‘A-team’ doesn’t exist.  You’re never going to have the perfect team, because your team is made up of – gasp – human beings.  And human beings are essentially imperfect, each coming with our own set of challenges and strengths.

By focusing on the negatives, you not only cause yourself stress but also your team.

The people who you feel aren’t good enough, will never get better unless you have the guts to tell them what you need and support them in changing.

The people you love – you know, the team members you rely on for everything – may get a warm fuzzy feeling from being needed in the short term.  But longer term, your reliance on them causes its own problems:  they feel the pressure of being relied on and they see how their less valued colleagues are treated.  They can’t help but wonder how long it will be before their stress causes them to stuff up and be relegated to your hit list.

So, how about being gutsy and turning your Actual team into your ‘A-team’?

A gutsy leader’s tactics for creating your own ‘A-team’:

  • If someone isn’t performing, have the guts to tell them what they’re not doing that you need them to do. Be specific and clear about your needs and expectations. Avoid creating any more protected species.
  • Ask them what they need from you to enable them to meet your expectations. If it’s a skill gap, they may need training, or a mentor.  You have a responsibility to help them improve – it’s part of being a leader.
  • Remember that old expression, “Praise in public, criticise in private”. Do this.
  • If it becomes apparent that someone doesn’t have either the attitude or the skills and that isn’t going to change, help them find their niche – wherever that is. They’re likely as unhappy as you are so working with them to find a new role or career will solve the problem for both of you.
  • If you have built professional intimacy with ALL your team, these conversations will be much easier.

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